California’s SB-77 Sec. 58 Educator Effectiveness Funds

SB-77 Sec 58 - EEF CaliforniaCalifornia has allocated a surplus in state funding to directly support professional development for educators and school leaders in a funding program called the Educator Effectiveness Fund (SB-77 Sec.58).

What you need to know…

Nearly every school and district will qualify for funding.

Funds will be distributed  in December 2015 (80%) and March 2016 (20%) to all qualifying schools and districts. There is no application process.

Recipients will have until the end of 2018 to use those funds. It is estimated that funds will come to approximately $1400 per educator.

Funds shall be allocated to support:

New Teacher Induction

Our online, on demand professional development library includes a wealth of content perfect for supporting new teachers, which is why we’ve also been selected to support “alternative route to licensure” programs. From classroom management to differentiated instruction and assessment, from professionalism to working with a diverse student body, we provide all the instructional preparation that a new teacher needs.

The support of teachers designated as needing improvement

When combined with observation and evaluation, our targeted, personalized PD library can be exactly the “just in time” support that a teacher looking to improve needs.

Providing PD that is aligned to standards

All of our ELA, Science, and Math courses are aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

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