Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that you review our Frequently Asked Questions below if you are experiencing challenges. Many include VIDEO TUTORIALS that show each click.

Most learners find that they don’t need to contact our support team at all. However, if you do find after reviewing our help links below that you need assistance, click Live Chat (right)or Help > Contact Support.


Our current MOST FAQ is “The page says ‘Title Loading. Please wait a minute…’ and nothing happens. Why isn’t my course loading?” This is related to browser settings in FIREFOX and SAFARI. However in most cases the window is POPPING UP, it’s just behind your other windows. Minimize your main windows to see the course window. OR you can use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, which don’t seem to have this problem. Also, make sure you have pop up blockers turned off as all our courses launch in a new window.

Answers and Video Tutorials

Login and Registration

  • How do I create an account? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    There is no cost to create your account with us. From our home page click to go to Registration — Kelly Learners should select their own Registration — and enter the information on the page. The system will ask you to enter your name and email address and it will ask you to identify your “Division,” which is your school district or employer. Then you create your password. It will be case-sensitive, meaning that if you use CAPital letters you must always type it the same way. “Sunshine” does not equal “sunshine.”
  • How do I log back into an account that I already created? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    If you are already created an account with us, login by clicking the Login link on our home page and then entering your email address (USERNAME and EMAIL are the same in our system) and the password you created during registration. If you forget your password you can have reset it automatically through your email by clicking on the Forgot Password link. Or you can contact our friendly support team.
  • Locating Training

  • How do I find the training(s) I need to purchase or into which I must enroll myself? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    If you are taking training required by your employer or state that YOU MUST PAY FOR (sometimes learners are pre-enrolled), you should have been informed or provided with an instruction sheet detailing what it is you must take. After login you can locate your training by clicking Learning > Browse for Training. Or you can do a global search using the search bar in the upper right hand corner of your screen or by clicking Learning > Global Search.
  • Purchasing and Enrollment

  • How do I purchase training? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    Most of our learners purchase training the same way you would purchase anything from the internet. Use the steps described above to locate your training and then click Add to Cart. This will take you to the shopping cart page.Check to make sure you only have one copy of the training(s) you need. (You can add other trainings you’d like to purchase as well and the system will keep your required training in your shopping cart while you browse.) Once you are ready, click Checkout and then follow the steps to pay by Credit/Debit card.
  • How do I use a Coupon? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    If your employer or agency provided you with a coupon you go through the same purchase process described above in “How do I purchase training,” only when you get to the Shopping Cart, you will apply your coupon. There is a Coupon box just below your item(s) in the cart.

    Type in your code and click Apply. The cost of the training will drop to zero if your coupon provides a 100% discount, which is fairly common. Then you complete the the rest of the steps in your “purchase.”

  • Accessing Training / Retrieving Certificates

  • How do I get to my purchased/enrolled training(s)? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    To access training currently in progress you just login. Your Welcome page includes the Transcript widget that displays a list of training in progress. You can view status or launch training right from this spot. The My Transcript widget only displays a few of your trainings in progress. To view your entire Transcript you can Click Here to View More on the Transcript widget or click Learning > View Your Transcript.
  • How do I find and print my Certificates? VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
    Go to your full Transcript by clicking on Click Here to View More on the Transcript widget on your Welcome page or just click Learning > View Your Transcript.

    Completed trainings are displayed on the Completed Tab in your Transcript. Just click the training in your list and the Certificate link will be right there on the training records page. Click to open and print.

  • Exam Completions and Failures and Tracking Module Progress

  • What if I fail an Exam?
    Most of the exams associated with our online trainings have a passing requirement. Learners that fail to meet the passing requirements within the given number of attempts may be required to repurchase the training program in order to have their exam attempts reset. Every exam you take with us will include these instructions as well. It is very important that you read all instructions when it comes to your exams or passing requirements. Not all modules are the same and not all exams are the same, but all will explain the passing requirements.
  • How can I tell if an Exam or Module is complete?
    Training in progress is always displayed in the Transcript widget on your Welcome page. Each item displays a status. To view the full list of your trainings, click the widget or Learning > View Your Transcript to see your entire Transcript. Click on the details of each training to view completion status.

    All COMPLETED training will be displayed on the Completed Tab in your Transcript.