Learning Management

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In addition to providing our own quality online professional development and training catalog, we can provide districts and educational organizations with learning management services.

What is Learning Management?

Learning Management Solutions or LMS platforms, are used to host, deliver, track, and report the learning of employees within an organization. Typically an LMS is used to manage all employee learning, regardless of job role. This allows administrators to plan, assign, track, and review employee training and development including:

  • Safety and Compliance – Having an LMS provides a secure digital “audit trail” for required training
  • Professional Development – An LMS allows an organization to provide a wide array of professional development all from one platform including live workshops/inservices, blended learning courses, and self-paced courses. Employee transcripts are housed in one place, allowing both the employee and their administrators to view progress and award credit.


Let Us Facilitate Your LMS Solution

We can provide LMS services to districts, providing a facilitated solution that does not require the district to have in-house eLearning and LMS experts. We can even integrate with your ERP to create single-sign on for your employees and pre-set organizational relationships that ensure that the right training is automatically available to the right employee at the right time.

Just Imagine:

  • Take new hire orientation online
  • Cover compliance for all your staff
  • Meet state training mandates
  • Handling rolling and part-time hire training
  • Provide 24/7 access to targeted PD
  • Track and report on learner progress
  • Combine your own content with ours
  • Integrate your system with ours
  • Customize your administration with our help