Submit to Teacher’s Helper

We would love to share YOUR activity ideas with your colleagues!

We are taking submissions for activities to be added to our Teacher’s Helper app. Here is what you need to know if you wish to submit:

  • Whatever you submit to us will fall under our copyright, meaning that it will become our intellectual property. Any other copies of this same activity cannot be offered, marketed, or sold elsewhere.
  • The activity should be easily described so that a teacher can quickly scan the steps and begin.
  • The activity should only require materials that are commonly found in the average classroom setting.
  • You can include any images, links, or videos that you own or that are available through a Creative Commons license.
  • We will include your name as the submitter, if desired.
  • We are willing to include a link to any other materials that you own and wish to promote, however, it will be a link only. We do not offer any type of advertising or other such services.
  • We reserve the right NOT to include your activity for any reason.


If we do add your activity to the app, we will (of course) let you know and you can share the good news with your family and friends as well as other teachers you know. The Teacher’s Helper community will thank you for contributing your creativity and insight to colleagues and their students!


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