Substitute Educator & Paraprofessional Trainings

Smart Substitue Teacher System - Everything substitute teachers need.

My training…where I want it, when I want it,

and at my own pace. Now that’s Smart.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

Our online Substitute Teacher training programs cover your substitute teacher preparation needs from start to finish. We’ve got training to:

  1. Get them ready to work.
  2. Keep them up-to-date.
  3. Support them if they struggle.

What’s it going to cost your district.? Nothing.

(Unless you want to pay. You’re always allowed to pay us. We don’t mind.)

In addition, we also have Paraprofessional Training programs to cover these needs as well.

Getting your substitute teachers and paraprofessionals ready to serve as quality instructors is crucial. Our courses and programs will ensure that they are both prepared and professional when they begin work with you.

Breaking News!

Now that we are part of the Frontline Technologies family, all of these courses and programs are available through the Applitrack online applicant tracking system, placing new hire training exactly where it belongs! Click here to learn more.


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