Teacher’s Helper Mobile App

Hey Teachers, have you ever found yourself ‘reaching” for a new lesson activity that you can use at the last minute? Well, Teacher’s Helper is now available in the palm of your hand.

The Teacher’s Helper mobile app provides a library of K-12 lesson activities that can be filtered by grade and subject area.

  • Grades are broken up into K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
  • Subject areas include: Art, English, Science, Physical Education/Health, Math, and History.

All activities are labeled by the average length of time they will take to complete and range from five-minute fillers to fifteen-minute lessons.
Teachers Helper Mobile App - Lessons on the go

“I need something that I can use immediately…”

All of the Teacher’s Helper activities are written in a streamlined fashion so that you, the teacher, can simply scan an activity and begin using it. Emphasis is placed on activities that do not require a lot of materials or preparation. You can label and organize your favorite activities, making it easy to pull those up immediately.

No Connection Needed

Though the app will update itself whenever you have a wireless connection, you don’t need to have a connection to use Teacher’s Helper. That can be useful if you’re not in a wireless enabled environment while teaching. In addition to licensed teachers, Teacher’s Helper can also be a lifesaver for substitute teachers who may not have any lesson plans for the class that they are assigned to cover.