Using Your Administrator’s Login

Basic Administrator Functions

The following are the most common administrator needs:

How to Look Up a Learner – Click Here to View Tutorial

Login to our site and click Admin > Users. Search for your learner by first name, last name, or username/email address (these are the same). Once you locate your learner, click on the folder icon to open his/her Transcript. This displays records on three tabs: Active, Complete, and Archived. Training in progress is listed on the Active tab and training that has been completed moves automatically to the Completed tab. The Archived tab will only contain training records if the learner moves his/her older training onto this tab by choice.

How to Print a Certificate – Click Here to View Tutorial

Once you have located a learner’s Transcript, click on the Completed tab, then click on the title of the training program in the list. The description and records for that title will open and there will be a link to the Certificate for the completed training that you may click to view or print.


Additional Administrator Functions – Click Here to View Tutorial

Some administrators also need to be able to also do one or all of the following:

  • Update user information, add new users (new hires), and inactive users (staff no longer in your employ),
  • Enroll users into specific training courses and programs
  • Generate reports showing user progress and completion in professional development or compliance titles

The tutorial above walks you through how to do all of these things and provides great examples to help you use the entire EDTRAININGCENTER catalog.